U-Pick Apples

Pick Your Own Apples Right Off the Tree by the Bag, Box or Truckload

Fall is Apple Picking Time in Hendersonville NC – Enjoy a memorable pick-your-own-experience at Coston Farm with the NC mountains as a back drop. You can pick fresh apples in the Coston Farm U-Pick Orchard August – October by the bag, box or truckload.

Pets are not permitted in the Pick Your Own apple orchard or the Apple House . Your cooperation is appreciated!

Golden Delicious Apples

September –

An apple with a firm white flesh which retains its shape and rich mellow flavor when baked or cooked. The skin is so tender that it does not require peeling for most recipes. This apple is the one that will stay white longer when cut and therefore is great for salads. Also available Pre-Picked.

Cameo Apples

October –

The Cameo has a pleasantly sweet-tart flavor and firm texture. It is colored with a red stripe over a creamy background. Excellent both cooked and fresh—a wonderful dessert apple. Also available Pre-Picked.

Granny Smith Apples


Granny Smith apples are light green in colour. They are crisp, juicy, tart apples which are excellent for both cooking and eating raw. They also are favoured for salads because the slices do not brown as quickly as other varieties. It also tends to have a harder texture than other green apples. Also available Pre-Picked.

Fuji Apples

October –

Fuji is a newer variety with exceptionally sweet flavor. It is becoming a favorite for fresh eating and desserts. Known for holding up well in storage.Also available Pre-Picked.

Rome Beauty Apples

Late September –

The ultimate baking and cooking apple, also good for fresh eating. It is a very smooth red apple with a slightly juicy flesh. The flavor of this variety grows richer when baked in your favorite recipe. Also available Pre-Picked.

Mutsu Apples

Late September – Tart, Crisp

Crispin/Mutsu apples are light green to yellowish white in appearance. This juicy apple has a sweet, rich, full flavor. Its texture is firm and very dense. Crunchier and tarter than Golden Delicious.

Stayman Apples

October – Tart

These apples have a juicy cream-colored to yellowish flesh with a tart, wine-like flavor. They hold up well in storage and are often used as cooking and cider apples as well as for fresh snacks.


Cortland Apples

Late September – Tart, Sweet

Cortland is a medium-=sized apple with smooth yellowish skin mostly covered with dark red. The fine-grained flesh is very juicy and takes longer to turn brown when exposed to air.

Early Fuji Apples


Similar to Fuji, but harvests about 6-weeks earlier.  Very good eating apple.

Arkansas Black Apples

October – Tart

Medium size. The yellow flesh is firm, fine-grained, crisp, moderately juicy, and sprightly sub acid in flavor. Best keeper.


September – Tart

Jonagolds are a cross-between a Golden Delicious and a tart Jonathan apple. This juicy, crisp apple with a honey sweet taste with a hint of tartness make them a great eating apple. They are also good for baking and freezing.

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